My Projects

In my free time I love to work on engineering projects and try to make everything available as open source.
I present you my most important projects. You can find more information behind the provided links and in my blog.

Self Hosting

Development and operation of server infrastructure for hosting several (web)services.

x86 Ubuntu-Server to run all services with redundand SSD and HDD storage.
x86 V-Server as mail relay to obtain a static IPv4.
Backup of all devices and applications using bareos and a Raspberry Pi as storage device.
Monitoring of all local and remote network devices using icinga 2.
OpenLDAP for centralized identity management.
Authelia for global two factor authentication.
PiHole for adblocking and custom DNS-Entries.
Nextcloud for personal file sync & share and calendar.
Mailcow as mail-server for me and all my applications.
GitLab for private version control of application configuration and LaTeX documents
WordPress for this personal website.
Prestashop for selling self made schnapps online.
And many more...

Smart Home

A self hosted smart home solution using open source software and self developed electronics.

Home-Assistant installation as the control center of all smart home devices.
Plant Irrigation system using the ESP8266 microcontroller and esphome.
433 MHz RF-Transceiver using the ESP8266 microcontroller and esphome to control 433 MHz sockets.
IR-Transceiver using the ESP8266 microcontroller and esphome to control TV and AV-Receiver.
RGB-LED Controller using the ESP8266 microcontroller and esphome.
Door Intercom using Raspberry Pi and DoorPi.

Side Projects

Uncateogorized side projects

Proxxon MF70 CNC Upgrading a manually operated milling machine to a CNC milling machine
sharepointr A R-library for querying Microsoft SharePoint tables with R.